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Selling A Property

At Whyalla Conveyancers we understand that selling your property can be a very exciting but rather stressful period, therefore we will always be there to assist in every way we can. There are many things to remember such as cancelling electricity, notifying departments of your new address, arranging removals to name just a few. To further assist you we have a useful seller’s checklist which we will prove to you as an invaluable aid during your settlement. Together with the expert advice of three Registered Conveyancers on our staff, we will endeavour to make this process as efficient and cost effective as possible.


If you are selling a property, here are some further tips!


• Be aware of your exact fees for agents and legals

• Make sure you state which fittings you want to keep when property is sold

• Know how much other properties have sold for in your area lately

• Engage in the services of an impartial conveyancer

• Be sure to tidy up and do some gardening before inspections, first impressions count when selling

• Try to get yourself more than one appraisal.

• Make sure that on settlement date you are completely moved out, keys are given at settlement

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