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Verification Of Identity (VOI)

In order to reduce the risk of title fraud, the Registrar-General introduced a new Verification of Identity policy  in April 2014 for all property dealings in South Australia.

These changes are welcome as they are designed to prevent any fraudulent activity. Generally speaking, to identify yourself in any conveyancing transaction you will need to go through a process that is similar to what you need to do to when opening a bank account.

This process involves a face-to-face in-person interview whereby you are required to produce particular documents to verify your identity, such as passport, birth/marriage certificate, drivers licence etc.

While this can be a time consuming exercise, to further assist our clients we offer a free VOI service in our local office. Be wary of Conveyancers who will charge you additional fees just for attending their office to satisfy these requirements.

Click the link below for the latest VOI requirements

Registrar-General's Verification of Identity Requirements - 10th August 2020

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